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September 20167

September 20167
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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Your Messenger message:

"Hi ___..Goodmorning..Its been a while. 🙂 Can i just consult on something? Its about my wife dreams last night.I would like to know what it could be mean and hoping you can help us.The dream is as follows.

"Sakay ng jeepney, dalawang kaming pasahero, parang kilala ang kasama pero di matandaan, huminto sa may harap ng robinson sa bacolod, may sumakay na isang lalaki, may dalang baril nanghoholdap, pero yung baril nakita kong di baril na totoo, sabi akin na celpone nyo taz di ko binigay, pinaputukan kami tinamaan ako sa paa pero di naman malala, tapos nanlaban ako sinipasipa ko hanggang makababa, tapos nakita kong tumakbo sa iskinita nakita kong hinal mo xa, hinanap kita taz nakita kita sa SM sa may taas may kausap di ko matandaan, may benda ang ulo mo hanggang panga, tapos pag akyat ko sobrang nag alala ako sayo, kaharap mo c tiyay _____ taz sabi niya magkano ba kelangan mo 10,000 lang meron ako, taz sabi mo wag napo tita sabay alis taz nakita moko, inabot mo sakin ang 5 ngipin mong natanggal dahil sa bugbog sabay tawa, Tapos ibang eksena nanaman di ko na matandaan kung ano yun.

"This is my thoughts about the dream.Its about our present situation.My wife is quite optimistic and positive about our plans but anxious at the same time.And in the end.We can manage to overcome the obctacle comes in it.Thank you ___."

My reply:

Hello ____________!

Your wife is still haunted by memories of one or more than one man she has loved in the distant past. This man/these men are represented by the man who suddenly boards the jeepney and wields the gun. That your wife does not surrender her cell phone and that she fights off the man are good indications. They mean that your wife will always love you and fight to keep your love no matter what.

She is, however, wounded in the process. A wounded foot, to me, suggests a restriction on one's freedom or mobility. It could actually be deliberate or self-imposed. The archetype of the wounded foot, we must also remember, is that of Oedipus, an unwanted child whose feet were pierced and left to perish in the desert.

The scene that follows is how your wife sees not herself, but how she sees you--she sees that your wounds are far worse than hers. She knows how much you have sacrificed for her, and that you really expect nothing in return. She gives you the five teeth you lost in your own struggle; five is the number of the goddess of love.

You are fortunate to have a wife who loves you despite everything. Most importantly, to me, she is extremely fortunate to have you.

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