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September 20167

September 20167
Photo by Jefferson Solayao

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

These are two of my frequently-used CDs. When I was still working in an office I was assigned to do a "Writing from The Heart" workshop at the Philippine National School for the Blind. Gerard assisted me one day by presenting a variety of sounds and snippets of music to use as stimuli for the students' writing.

I loved "Sound of the Earth from Space" and "Sound of the Sun from Space" so much that I asked Gerard to make me one-hour loops of each.

I use these for astral-journeying and for writing novels.

The Wands must continue pointing to the ground.
Every traveler knows that paper, water, and cloth are some of the heaviest substances to take along.
This is how I see myself achieving balance by rotating my activities and not obsessing myself with only one:

Painting, Earth
Writing, Air
Cooking, Fire
Conducting Workshops, Water
Good morning, Cubao!

The sky is iced with whipped cream and crushed almonds.
Something is bound for Cubao and I just can't wait to have it!

Never try to copy a hard act to follow.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Thought I gave this Tarot deck to Robin years ago. Apparently I didn't--it suddenly materialized inside one of my armoires.  It isn't a Tarot deck. It's a solitaire and meditation instrument using images from Andrea Mantegna's Renaissance paintings, divided into five classes or sets of cards: The Human Conditions, Apollo and The Muses, The Arts and Sciences, The Geniuses and Virtues, and The Planets and Celestial Spheres.

Love the faux silver-leaf embellishments on the cards!

Back from Farmers Market with Jaymark.

Also sent a moneygram to W. for my second __________.
A real artist's talent never fades. It shines even brighter through time.

A real artist never struggles with his work. It flows easily and smoothly through his hands.

Otherwise, if being an artist is hard work, why be an artist at all?
Why are you deleting Friends and Followers from your lists?

The point of all social media is to connect not with people you already know, but with people you don't know and will most probably never meet in this lifetime.

Only then is it possible for you to touch other people's lives.
Good noon, Cubao!

The clouds are old photos in a new album.
Good noon, Cubao!

J. is cooking brunch for Angelique and her two classmates. They came home 3:45 AM from the birthday party. We bought some coffee bread at the Sitio Catacutan Bakery as well.

Jaymark is working on our front balcony.
The readers of my novel Cubao Ilalim: Unang Aklat are now from the Philippines, the United States, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Canada, United Kingdom, Japan, Indonesia, Australia, and Vietnam.
I've known of many employees who fear retirement because of the prospective loss of medical benefits. None of them believe me when I tell them that, when one retires from one's job, one also retires from one's illnesses.
December Phat Doog

I note that wisdom, insight, and strong powers of observation are intrinsic to those who have financial security. When it is you with money in your wallet, when it is you wearing the diamonds, emeralds, and rubies, when it is you shopping and buying food for the table, you suddenly come across fellow artists who are irritable and mean and defensive and unpleasant to be with. You wonder why, until you realize that their being that way has nothing to do with you, with other people's behavior, with politics, and with the social situation but everything to do with how much they are in debt and how much they still wish they could be making.

Sadly, it is being liquid that gives us as many choices as we can have, and the right to make our own choices.
If today was a frazzling day for you, look back and see that it was you who caused the day to arrange itself so.
Two B.L. card decks!

Christine's deck has a different picture per card and can be used for readings.

A student gave me this other deck earlier this year. Each card has a different B.L. quotation on it. The deck can be used like oracle cards.

Gifts from Christine, after her successful dissertation defense in Hong Kong. B.L. playing cards and a white dragon key chain.

Bruce Lee Forever!

Angelique and her two friends arrived from university for their sleepover.
A very late lunch with Jaymark at M.'s cafe.
Father Diaz and Seminarian John picked me up 1:45 PM. We went to Maryhill School of Theology to choose the best location for my Saint John the Baptist triptych. We agreed on the reading room in the library.

We will install the triptych next week, while the seminarians' final exams are being held.

Saw three other spaces in the lobby where I can install three more paintings.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Finished proofreading Cubao Ilalim: Unang Aklat in cyberspace.
Both granddaughters planned sleepover sessions for their friends tonight. Jaymark is cleaning the front balcony and we are moving a day bed into Angelique's room. Then Aubrey decided to sleep over at her classmate's house instead of having their sleepover here, possibly to reduce the traffic.

I thought that the upper floor would be full of girls tonight.
Those who gave when they were young, receive profitably in their old age.
Two cups black, Dennis Coffee Garden coffee.
Good morning, Cubao!

The sun lies naked on the rooftops.
Back from groceries.

Angelique and J. bought a sack of Kichiro's dog food at the Cubao pet shop.

Bought myself a digital clock for my bedroom. It's been quite tedious switching to Taiwan's CTV channel to check the time 24/7.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Must do groceries, so, leaving in a few.

I've been proofreading _Cubao Ilalim: Unang Aklat_ by chapters, going backward from the last chapter to the first.
Late lunch with Jaymark at M's cafe. We tried M.'s tokwa't baboy, which I haven't had in a long, long time.

The traditional tokwa't baboy I grew up with had soy sauce aside from vinegar, and used pig's ears. The dish, as a matter of fact, resulted from a chef's desire to be creative with leftover pig's ears.

M. uses only a sprinkling of vinegar and, instead of pig's ears, diced pork chop.

Just as satisfying anyway.
Four university presses, two commercial publishers, and a sprinkling of free-lance publishers do NOT comprise a publishing industry.
Your Messenger message:

"Good morning, Tony ! May I know what you see in this dream? "I was sleeping with a man I had a strong crush on . The dream was so clear , it seemed so real. "The big question is why did I dream of him at a time I was not thinking of him at all and at a time I had killed the attraction?

"When we met again, I was aware my feeling was under control, but some of his qualities and his thoughtfulness to me were such that if he fanned the embers, there is a chance , I think."

My reply:

Hi ________________!

We are never in complete control of our thoughts and our feelings. While we may consciously push them back or suppress them, their continued truth remains active in our subconscious and unconscious.

This is a typical example of a Freudian, wish-fulfillment, dream.

Your Messenger message:

"Funny that one of the first things I saw on fb is your post about dreams, when I just woke up from a vivid, strange one.

"It was about my ex from 20 years ago. Relationship was quite serious I the sense that we were attending each other's families' occasions, with exchange gifts pa. We've both 'moved on' a long time ago, thus, the dream is baffling.
"In it, he's upset, more of tampo. His sister was there, sort of convinced me to talk to him. There was a family gathering (his family). I complimented him on a sandwich he made, and suddenly he warmed up, very friendly. then I woke up.
"PS--We have had zero communication for the last two decades, or close to. I don't know of any of his contact details."

Hello _________!

Whenever you estavlish a close and very intimate relationship with someone, your astral shells merge and you become as very strongly connected to each other as twins are.
My interpretation of your dream either is that your friend is currently very ill, and is thinking fondly of you, or that he is in grief due to a death in his family.
Your e-mail message:

The sky is a stainless-steel, kitchen drain.
Ground Dennis Coffee Garden coffee beans from Zamboanga.

Two cups black, Dennis coffee.
Good noon, Cubao!

Slept eight hours last night and would have slept on, but Jaymark woke me up.
I am fated to have ship models in our house. Whenever I sell or give one away, another one comes in its place.
Confetti is nothing more than colorful trash.
Time is a phenomenon because things can never be the same again.
When it rains, it pours. Now a vendor is coming to me with yet another Enterbay Bruce Lee action figure.

How can I say no when it's Bruce Lee's 76th birthday?
An iced root beer at M.'s cafe.
Army-Navy burger and quesadilla dinner with the granddaughters.
Three-hour, deep tissue massage.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Welcome to my latest novel in cyberspace, Cubao Ilalim: Unang Aklat.

Choose your students of magic very well, for most of them are lazy bums who refuse to work and believe that it is magic that should work for them.
Good morning, Cubao!

The sky is one meter of blue-and-white plaid.
Record your dreams now. Listen to their messages. Act upon them as necessary.

Do not wait to lie on your deathbed and have a surge of dreams. They will only be dreams of regret, and it will be too late to do anything then.
My sisters Remi and Alice always buy fresh cherries and give me some.

I love fresh cherries, especially if they are chilled. I taste them in my mouth, on my tongue, in my throat, and in my stomach.

For two years now I've been planting cherry seeds on our roof deck, but none of them have sprouted.
Sometimes neighborhood lovebirds go on dinner dates at M.'s cafe.
It is all right to forgive the unrepentant, for true forgiveness is unconditional.
I suddenly saw that he suddenly fell ill, and, in that moment, he suddenly wondered whether I could help him get well.
An iced root beer at M.'s cafe. Again, it was most pleasurable sipping an iced root beer and doing nothing else.
Three more chapters to reformat for cyberspace. Work proceeding fast.

Friday, November 25, 2016

After posting my latest novel in cyberspace I intend to paint Sarah's portrait, then write another novel, then paint a big, a very big, religious painting for Maryhill School of Theology. Then probably go back to writing again.
When you are unable to get your own way, do not wax religious as a defense mechanism.
One of the old residents in a townhouse across the street did some house cleaning and laid out Christmas items, needlework stuff, and cooking implements for sale at the fruit vendor's. All of them are imported and unused (but quite old and evidently out of storage).

Bought three fat candles for Aubrey and two huge, silver tassels to hang on our botica cabinet handles.
Good noon, Cubao!

The sky is a shining billabong.

Phat Doog With Early Christmas Bow

And then the werewolf crossed the street to the burger stand.

Ravenous after completing a literary piece.
A root beer at M.'s cafe. Wasn't writing passages in my notebook anymore, of course, since I've finished my novel.

It was so nice to be sipping root beer and doing nothing for a change.
Still formatting my novel for cyberspace. Probably giving myself six more days to finish doing so, since I am working on three chapters a day.
Know when the body can no longer perform certain tasks.
A roof is not enough to keep out the rain.
Your night of sleep is contingent on your day of work.
The Wands must continue pointing to the ground.
Sometimes, as you will see, your enemy's death will not be enough to stop him from existing.
Never hurt anyone in any manner, in the process of attaining your success.
When unable to brush your teeth, munch on fresh cucumber.
Have at least two reasons behind everything. Reveal to others only the safer one.
Children's most lasting wounds are those inflicted by their own parents. But, those wounds can always be healed.
A storm is Nature's broom that sweeps negative energy off the land.
Two-hour visit by Father Richard Diaz, Dean of Maryhill School of Theology. We had coffee in the dining room.

Father Richard checked out my Saint John The Baptist triptych for the CICM provincial. The triptych will hang in the lobby of Maryhill School of Theology.

Will be brought to MST on Tuesday afternoon to check out and measure the location for installation.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Two cups black, Artisans coffee.

This coffee is too mild. Too mild for me.
Good day, Cubao!

The sky is a stainless steel colander.
Thursday, November 24, 2016.

8:30 PM. My novel is done.

Will give it a once-over tomorrow and format it for posting in cyberspace.
Into Chapter 22.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Your e-mail message:

Stop pouncing. Only street dogs do that.

REFLECT before announcing your convictions to the world, because, since things are never what they seem, you could be WRONG.

Good noon, Cubao!

The sun is a reflection of the ceiling light on a glass of drinking water.
Watched two successive Snapped episodes on DIVA.
Wearing Kiehl's Original Musk Oil.
The way it looks like, my novel will end with Chapter 22 or Chapter 23. Since I am into Chapter 21, I will stop writing first and give the work some rope.

I am giving my psyche a chance to end the novel the way it should or the way I currently think it should.
Back from Farmers Market with Jaymark. Bought a sack of all-purpose flour and fresh shrimp.

Now cooking our favorite split dish: half a kilo of halabos na suwahe and half a kilo of peeled shrimp wrapped in all-purpose flour, egg, and crispy bread crumbs.
"Go, and sin no more" = Don't do the same things that led to your current illness.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Into Chapter 21.
Continued cleaning out Ivy's room--a slow process, since it's been more than one year.

Discovered a lot of treasures and a lot of things I wish I hadn't seen, which is true of everyone's room. Now I am thinking about MY room. After I die, what do I want my family to see, and what do I NOT want them to see?
Good morning, Cubao!

The sun is a sparkle on a gold-leafed statue.
The goddess of the storm is my mother.
A root beer and chips at M.'s cafe.

Wrote four pages in cursive for my novel. It was as though I couldn't stop writing, as though the novel wanted to keep writing itself. But I think I'll encode the pages tomorrow rather than tonight.

The granddaughters are upstairs. Angelique and Cath are working on another portion of their thesis.

Funny, at M.'s cafe I suddenly had a vision. The cafe was filled with neighbors, and there were even more neighbors standing outside. Everyone was looking at the huge, flat-screen TV beside the door to the cafe kitchen. On the screen was a news coverage of a devastating storm. I saw, among other things, tornadoes.
Into Chapter 20.
Back from Farmers Market with Jaymark.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Never look back at the past and wish you'd done things differently. Had you done things differently, you would be in a situation worse than what you are already in today.
What is within is naked truth.

What is without is a disguise of falsehoods.
It is the hungry man who becomes obsessed with sex.
Please get it straight.

Insenso (yellow, baby amber) is used to cleanse a location.

Kamanyang (dark brown amber) is used to give honor to someone or something, and is lit at celebrations.
Jaymark is walking Cerefina again, or should I say, running Cerefina.

Whenever she is taken outdoors Cerefina barks happily and loud, announcing to the world that we should all be grateful to be alive.
Good noon, Cubao!

The sun is a bowl of frankincense.
Earlier tonight at dinner I discovered that Angelique, Aubrey, and J. don't like Turkish Delight candy (the commercial, chocolate-covered jellies, not the real Turkish Delight from Turkey).

I ate those and gave them Hershey's chocolate chip cookies for dessert instead.
Into Chapter 19.
A root beer at M.'s cafe.

Wrote passages for my novel in my notebook.

Using Ivy's set of three green tote purses for my money, my pen, my keys, my cigarettes, and my lighter.
Dinner at home with Angelique, Aubrey, J., and Jaymark.
Every person has a dragon. You'll know yours when you see a picture of it.
Back from Farmers Market with Jaymark.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

In trying to please other people, you end up not pleasing yourself.
You are disturbed by the things that you read in cyberspace.


Did it ever occur to you that you are reading not people's messages, but people's thoughts?

Long ago, people wished that they could read other people's minds. The mages said, "You don't really want that. Because, if you did, you would find out that the people who you think love you, don't."

On facebook and on Google+, when you read other people's postings, you are, in effect, reading their innermost thoughts.

Does it make you happy?

Do you still want to be psychic?

Do you really have the right to change how people think, and to censor what they are thinking?

If your answer is no, simply deactivate all of your accounts, and be content.
Late lunch with Jaymark at M.s' cafe.
My sister Sylvia and my brother-in-law Rey flew back to Sydney yesterday evening. They should be safe at home by now.

To use magic on a magical chessboard, read my cyberspace book "Magic for Squares" at http://tonyperezphilippinescyberspacebook11.blogspot.com/.
Regina made Spirit Questors pendulums to sell at her gift shop.

I told her to take out all of the pentacle connectors.

The Spirit Questors do not use pentacles.
I note that people get in trouble because they post stuff out of a dark, sardonic, sense of humor. Unfortunately their postings are not funny at all--I don't hear anyone laughing.

I also note that it is a typical defense mechanism employed by men to irk women.
We are now cleaning the side balcony.
Good morning, Cubao!

The sun is a temple vigil lamp.
When writing passages for my novels and plays in cursive, I use my five dragon pens and one Dionysos pen.

Into Chapter 18.
A root beer mixed with a light beer at M.'s cafe. Wrote passages for my novel in my notebook.

A group of ten young men arrived and had sisig and two bottles of Tanduay Light.

There must be something about Tanduay. My nephew-in-law James in Sydney and a friend of my sister Sylvia ordered bottles of it.
The customers kept coming to M.'s cafe all the way through 6:00 AM this morning. That is why they opened 11:00 AM today, to give the staff a chance to rest.
My granddaughters do not like trying new and unfamiliar flavors. I am the only person in the house who is drinking the Harry Potter Pumpkin Juice from my sister Sylvia. It has a very strong, cinnamon flavor.

My granddaughters tell me that they like cinnamon in pies but not in a drink.
A master increases his power the more he teaches others, because what comes or emanates from him cannot be turned toward him. As such, none of his weapons can ever be used against him.
Wearing Camouflage by Police.

You Were Asking Me How I Use This Notebook

The short strap is used s a bookmark. The tip of the anchor can be hooked securely to a ring.

The upper slit can hold cards.

The lower slit is bigger and can hold more cards.

Both slits can also be used for loose slips of note paper. You need paper clips to secure them.

The two diagonal slits are for holding your pen.

The long strap is to bind the flap closed.

Chinese Lanterns

Saturday, November 19, 2016

It is always inadvisable to be successful and famous and then have someone fall in love with you.

It is best to have someone fall in love with you, and then become successful and famous.
Your e-mail message:

Angelique is off to the pet grooming parlor to have Kichiro Mayuzumi shaved.
Atchays do not like being corrected. They take every correction as a grave affront, and insist on being wrong at the cost of their pride. Sometimes they even have to be yelled at.

That is why their subculture never progresses. They remain fixated on the Spanish colonial period, where their minds were first created.
Good morning, Cubao!

The sun is an orange cat padding along the top of a fence ledge.
Your e-mail message:

Tony Perez's Art of War: Allow your enemies to delude themselves into thinking that you are stupid, but never presume that they themselves are stupid.
Angelique and J. bought a bag of Kichiro's dog food at a pet shop in Cubao. Angelique discovered the shop one afternoon while she was coming home from university.

Now we don't have to go all the way to Bulacan to buy Kichiro's dog food.

Angelique and Grandpa come in next.

The Race for the 2017 Planners is over!