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September 20167

September 20167
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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Your Messenger message:

"Hi sir! 🙂 I would just like to share: I had this dream fragment that i was with you on a spirit quest along with 3 other people. it seemed that was being documented by a camera and a reporter I was on the side explaining things to a 'guest' The peculiar thing that I explain e was that the three/four questors, including you were in 'baluti' - and literally you were clad in a brass sheet armor-like suit (head and body). I also noted that those in armor had several talismans and were holding one of them.

"Then after the quest I accompanied you to the vehicle which you will ride in (together with the other questors). The outside looked like the exterior of our house in Marikina. Then as you left, I saw what looked like the sun rising somewhere in the northeast direction. It rose, then expanded then imploded. I commented after something along the lines of 'something strange usually occurs when we're with you.' I told this to the one I was talking to earlier, along with another guy."

My reply:

Hello ______________!

In this dream, your psyche is reminding you of your vulnerability. On psychological, emotional, and magical levels, you have been taking things for granted and are now afraid either that you are being left behind or that other people are taking advantage of you.

The expansion and implosion of the sun outside your house is a warning. It is about any one of the following:

1) You have been taking risks and engaging in activities you are unsure of.
2) You have been considering severing ties with your family and living a life of independence, but this you are also unsure of.
3) There will be earth changes in your geographical location.

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