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September 20167

September 20167
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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Your Messenger message:

"Goodmorning sir, I just want to ask something.
"A good friend of mine had a nightmare last night. She was raped by someone she didnt remember who. It was dark then, and as she told me that, she also said that her nightmare was like a real situation, and her body was in fatigue that even the time she woke up, she felt it in her body. I am very worried about her. "I am a clueless son wandering for answers in the wisdom of the Hermit of Cubao. "Thank you sir."

My reply:

Hello ____!

Ordinarily I would ask you to tell your friend to get in touch with me directly, but my initial scanning of her indicates that she will get herself attached to me, which I abhor, and so I am replying to you instead.

1) Tell her to avoid eating spicy food before going to bed.

2) Her story suggests an astral visitation by someone who desires her.

3) That she does not remember the identity of the person who attacked her is significant. It means that she herself desires someone she is not allowed to desire, such as a married man, a gay man, or a male relative.

4) A tikbalang wants to be her ally or her brother's ally.

When you talk to her next, go with #1. Start worrying only if the nightmare occurs again.

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