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September 20167

September 20167
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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Your Messenger message:

"Sir Tony, I dreamt of you. We were somewhere, im not sure if it's ur house although it didn't look like your house (as I know it). You were wearing blue and smoking one stick after the other. Then suddenly you laid down a wooden cleopatra style seater, then I went and sit down beside you. Then you were telling me something but it looks like you've lost control of your facial muscles. Para pong na bels palsy your mouth, it was semi permanently askew. Then your having some motor skills problem with your hands, it was shaking hard like someone with parkinsons or something. Then You were still trying to smoke one cig, then I said: "sir tony, you're already getting alarmingly thin!" I held your legs, and tried to show you. Then I said tearfully and forcefully, you need to stop, what happened to Daddy is happening to you. Then I woke up."

My reply:

Hi ______!

You don't need to be alarmed by your dream--it is a transference dream. The memory of your father, who suffered and passed away last year, encroaches upon your subconscious because, as your wedding day approaches, you sincerely wish that he could be there to give you away.

It is a transference dream because you and _____ have always looked upon me as a father. I am ill in the dream because you secretly wish that I should have died instead of your real father. (No worries, this is normal.)

I will be there at your wedding, not to give you away but to be the sponsor you designated me to be. If it is any consolation to you, the only other weddings I intend to attend are those of my grandchildren.

Oh, and maybe I should mention that your father will be there anyway.

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