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September 20167

September 20167
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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Your Messenger message:

"Good afternoon, Sir Tony. I came across a new sleep experience...today. I was having a bad dream when I knew that it was just a dream so I decided to snap out of it and wake up. I thought I did, at first, but later on realized my dream continued but it changed course. I will try to remember the entire dream as I write to you.

"March 08,2017 "I dreamed about mostly involving calendars. I was in a building when there was someone who saw a part of the eye bleeding. They were trying to cut and cleanse it but nothing happens. Nobody was in pain except that they knew, in the end, it was actually me. So they decided to sacrifice themselves in order to oust me. Luckily, the leader tbought differently. I was spared. In a building, I was robbing these calendars and carefully placing them in places where the owner can't find them. The owner has already had a hunch about me trying to steal them so I decided when I took each, piece by piece, I would place them in places that are obvious enough that they will not care to search them there. But, I was wrong. One girl saw right through me and found it in a blink of an eye before even the owner managed to set foot back in his office. I can't remember so well anythicng after that. "I was in a wedding. I dressed so well. It was a sunset wedding, I dreamed of something of no particular importance, after that. "During nap, I dreamed of something peculiar. I was at our helper's house when I asked for fruits before I left. I specifically asked for wintermelon. She gave me wintermelon and a bonus of one big papaya. Other visitors asked for it, too, after seeing her give me some. "I was somewhat in a veranda when I saw a girl being pinned down by two other persons and made to stretch her legs. I was watching but I was not sympatgetic. She wasn't harmed anyway. I was busy enjoying having fun, instead, with a certain guy (handsome but someome I do not know of) in the corner when my mom snapped and was furious. A video on the phone was emitting great negative energy, and it had been haunting us since. It turned out to be one specific girl. One has to have a chalk on his hand and jump from a reasonable height in order to restrain her from following you. I do not know the reason why we are keeping our distance from her. We just knew that it was the right thing to do. But, she just has too many followers. One was particularly jealous because I was with a guy who has the key to solving all these. The key is to find the black ring to eliminate them. The girl found me before that. We were in a ship in a middle of the sea when I attempted to go downstairs where it met the ocean. The guy was trying to follow me but was blocked by the jealous girl. Just a bit later, she threw the whole detachable staircase into the ocean where I was seated. I snapped out of the dream because I knew it was just a dream. I just had to wake up from it. The dream changed course. But I have not woken up from my sleep, though. I just managed to change it. Now my dream went back to when I was with my sister. We were canvassing for some fresh ingredients in the market. Then, I woke up. Strange.
My reply:

Hi ____________!

Your dream is in four parts, each part meaning one and the same thing.

As in your previous dreams, you are the other characters in the dream: the person with the bleeding eye (your difficulty to really see yourself and others), the girl who saw through your scheme (your conscience), the girl being pinned down (your desire for freedom), your mother (also your conscience), the girl in the video (the mistakes you made in the past that are always haunting you), and your sister (your wish to live a normal, peaceful, and happy life).

Did you by any chance watch the HBO replay of One Missed Call: Final before you had the dream? It has the same leitmotif, which is being summoned by fate and karma and deciding whether to pass on the negative energy to someone else or not.

You want to be too many persons simultaneously, and you want to cheat time before it catches up with you. This prevents you from perceiving yourself correctly, which results in your frequent inability to perceive and assess others.

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