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September 20167

September 20167
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Friday, March 3, 2017

Your Messenger message:

"Hi po! Good evening. My name's ____/____, we haven't met but I have been reading your dream posts, and lately most of your posts that I come across. I am a member of the Oracle group and we're also connected in FB. I am hoping to seek advise on two dreams I had recently. One last week and the other just early this week. If it's okay with you.. "The first one: "This one's like a dream within a dream. I 'woke' up realizing I fell asleep in the ofc in my chair. it was dark--pitch black. I was turning because my chair was being turned (it's a swivel office chair) by someone or something. I was scared, and I cannot wake up. I used to experience this when I was younger and I'd pray then sleep. so I started praying. Hail Mary was my go-to prayer. But I stopped, not consciously because something was off. but something was off and I had to wake up. Then some light started to 'grow' and I realized I was not in the office. I was in our room (I shared the bedroom with a sister). I fell asleep that morning with my tablet being charged so there was a led light blinking. That was the light I was 'seeing'. I still had to force myself awake. I woke up, still scared, and maybe a couple of seconds later my towel dropped--we hung our towels along a window beside my bed and I forgot to hang it properly that morning. It added to my fear but I guess that's just coincidental. "second dream (this week): "A tita who underwent chemo last year was there, I went into a room, she was on the bed -- the room had the feel of our childhood home's parents' room. She asked me to light a candle on a table. I think it was sunset. But I seem to have lost or dropped or wet the matches, with just one or two sticks remaining. I lit one and was able light the candle, but when I blew the matchstick to put it off--and I did turn away from the candle while I did this--the air went and also blew off the candle's fire. I can't remember my aunt's reaction, or maybe I just didn't wait for it. I ran outside because I remembered having a lighter in my bag. I went for it and came back to the room. she wasn't there so I picked the candle up. but it wasn't a candle? **this is the part that bothered me, but I cannot remember it properly, so sorry! i'll try to describe the feeling** it was black--it had an occult feel that bothered me (not really scared, maybe a bit). it wasn't cylindrical like your normal candle. oddly shaped. when I picked it up there was some sort of coating (~2mm thick, which was the black thing); soft-ish, not too slippery. but part of it slid off. I can't remember what's inside, maybe also because I wasn't able to identify it. what I can think of are hands, 2, but not real human hands--but I could be wrong. i think the shape was like 2 hands side by side, like the pic i attached, up to the base of the hands, and it's coating was black. "that's it po. I want to apologise of masyadong pong magulo. and THANK YOU for the time! "p.s. i actually have a dream from maybe about 10 yrs ago, i'll recall and try to write about it hopefully next time. "many thanks, "____"

Hello ____!

At this time in your life you need grounding. You are on a swivel chair being controlled by someone or something, not by yourself. Your lack of grounding renders you indecisive and unable to make practical decisions. This is true both at work and at home, hence the dream straddles both settings. You are anxious that your present state of affairs will go further out of control and that it will overwhelm you. The tablet in this dream is a metaphor for your self. You must recharge.

The second dream reflects your fear of becoming or ending up like your aunt, for whatever reason. In dreams, having difficulty or being unable to light a candle with a matchstick represents the anxiety one has when one feels that she has only one big opportunity, and that she is terrified of losing it. A portion of this dream has been blocked from your memory because it has something to do not with the occult but with sex, and so your mind censored it.

Because of this second dream I sense that your fantasy, at this time, has something to do with one of the following:

--Fear of being an old maid, an abused wife, or a rape victim
--Attraction toward a man who is married to someone else, who has a mean streak, or who is unable to reciprocate your desires.

My advice to you:

--Never compare your self or your life with those of others, especially relatives.
--If you have been indulging in occult rituals or items such as Tarot cards or talking boards, I suggest that you stop for a while. Such activities make some, but not others, flighty, and you might be one of the former.

I hope these are helpful to you. Do take care and do your best--those two are always good enough.

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